Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fun Stuff to Try in Lightroom

zLightroom Love: Creating a Blurb Photo Book in Lightroom by Gayle Vehar.  Galye gives her readers some easy instructions in creating these books.  I will come back to this article in the future when it's time for me to create a photo book.

Adobe Lightroom Killer Tips - The name of this website says it all.  The tips are "killer," but I have found that this website isn't as easy to navigate as the one below.

*Sweet Photoshop Tutorials - This is my favorite find.  I recently purchased their Lightroom Tutorials.  This was totally worth every penny!  I'm not a fan of leafing through an instruction manual, fishing around the internet, or spending hundreds of dollars and several hours sitting through a workshop that would put me right to sleep.  So these tutorials are just perfect for me and the way I prefer to learn.  I am a visual learner, so these video tutorials are just great.  There are well over 30 tutorials that are "to-the-point" and are explained very well.

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