Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Joy of LOVE - Part 3

Day 13- Routine
After lunch, Tyler takes his blue sippy cup of milk in his left hand and his blue sailboat bag full of cars in his left hand and heads downstairs for some good 'ole tv time.

 Day 14- Wedding Band/ Jewelery
Here's my pretty engagement/wedding ring.  I don't have a wedding band anymore. 
I lost it in the snow years ago.  I'm still sad that my wedding band is gone.

Day 15- Kiss
Just givin' my girl a little smooch! 

Day 16- Together
Tyler and I love to hang out.  We have fun together.

Day 17- Staying In
When it's raining, we like to stay inside and watch kid shows on tv. 
Tyler loves to take off the couch cushions for the occasion. 

Day 18- Going Out
Katie and I went on a walk after dropping Tyler off at preschool. 
These horses just so happened to be hanging out in the field as we walked by.

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