Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Joy of LOVE - Part 4

Day 19- When They're Gone
Tyler gets to watch whatever he wants on TV when Daddy and Brian are gone.
He can totally relax and kick his feet up.

Day 20- When They're Home
When everyone is home, my kids still make it outside to play.  Sometimes, we're really relaxed and let the kids play in the rain.  They more mud they can create, the better.

Day 21- Hands
The mouth behind those little hands is saying, "No more pictures, Mom!"

Day 22- Face: Portrait
Here's my man, Sam!  I love him.

Day 23- Facebook
This was taken back in 2008 at Staci and Kyle's wedding.  This was the best self portrait I could get of
me and my man.  Looks like my little man made it in the picture too.  Too bad he's squished between us.

Day 24- Where
Sam and I met almost 9 years ago.  We first met in The Galley (BYU-Idaho's cafeteria.)  My husband is a pretty quiet guy, so people are shocked to hear that he was the one who approached me and introduced himself.  To read the whole detailed STORY about us, our time dating, engaged, and so on, click HERE.   I'm glad we took a picture in front of the entrance over 2 years ago because that cafeteria no longer exists.

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