Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Elder Jared Rodriguez's Mission Release

Elder Jared Rodriguez just completed serving a full time 2 year mission in Salt Lake City, Utah.
 The name of his mission was the Family and Church History Headquarters Mission.
Jared's parents and younger brother traveled all the way from
New York to pick their son/brother up from his mission.
The reunion hugs were so special.
This family was sure proud of their missionary.

They had matching Tshirts made for the entire mission.
Here is Jared and a few of the other missionaries that were released on the same day.

Jared's little brother, Gabriel, wore his "missionary tag" 
to church every Sunday while his brother was away.
Jared was super excited to show his family the inside of this building.
He worked here most days
Missionary Shoes
 Elder Jared Rodriguez with his last companion.
A goodbye hug!
Here is Elder Rodriguez with some of the senior missionaries.
 Mom and Gabriel decide to rest their feet for a minute
 and snuggle up too.
 In honor of Elder Jared Rodriguez's mission release,
 they invited family and friends to join them for dinner at 
Jared's favorite restaurant, the Olive Garden.
Congratulations to the Rodriguez Family!
I'm so excited that you have your whole family home for Christmas this year!

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