Saturday, January 11, 2014

Handing Your Camera Over To Someone Else

To me, it is very important to make sure I am in some of the pictures with my kids.
I am my family's photographer, so I am almost always the one behind the camera.
I knew I wanted my husband to take a picture of my and my 3 year old girl while we were all dressed up for our family pictures.  So after I took all the time consuming pictures, I handed my nice DSLR to my husband to take this photo:
What a sweet picture, right?
So, how was I able to hand my camera to my husband (who is not a photographer) 
and end up with a beautiful picture like this?  
Well, I first took a picture of my daughter all by herself in the same spot.  
I had my camera on manual mode, set to the proper f/stop, ISO, and shutter speed. 
I had my white balance set to the sun mode since my light source was the sun. 
I put the camera on AF (auto focus) and handed my husband my camera.
The kind of shot I was looking for was a portrait format (vertical shot) of me and my girl. 
I told  him that I wanted the river in the background and our whole bodies to show. 
My husband followed my directions well.  The only thing that is missing is my daughter's left foot.
 Great job, honey!  Your short and sporadic photography lessons from me are paying off!

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