Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ty @ 4 months

Meet Ty.
He's so tough.

Having a bald spot must be rough.

But don't you worry little guy.

You have good looks...

 and you don't even have to try.

Megan and Alan are our great friends (and previous next door neighbors).  Ty is their third son.  
I captured these photos in a 10 minute span at my house.  White sheets on a bed next to a window made for a great set up.  
My favorite light source for indoor photos is window light.  
Using window light to my advantage is a great way to get great catch lights in the eyes.  
Ty was so good for me and as you can see, the camera loved him!


Jody Savage said...

so cute Lisa! you did a great job!!

laura said...

Wow!!! you have such a talent for capturing the sweet personalities of babies and toddlers. very impressive and what a beautiful baby!

ali anderson said...

gorgeous, lisa! as usual! i love seeing how you see children through your lens.