Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smart Summer Shooting

The summer season is my favorite time of year to take photos.  The long lazy days of summer are filled to the brim with photo ops.  Bright colors, sunshine, green grass, picnics, and more family time are just a few of the reasons I whip out my camera more in the summer.  Check out these awesome articles I ran across this week.

1.  Summer Photo Tip by Ali Anderson.  Ali explains the perfect times of day to capture backlighting and shows some excellent examples.  And if you aren't familiar with backlighting, you'll find out.

2.  Capturing Summer by Kelle Hampton.  Kelle is amazing photographer.  Pure joy just radiates from the images she is able to capture.  For 10 summer shots to add to your shot list, check this out!

3. How Do You Get In Your Own Photos?  The Secrets of Self Portraiture... by Brooke Snow.  Brooke explains how self portraiture can make you a better photographer.  She also tells about the helpful tools that she uses that can make self portraiture a fun and easy process.  (I think it's important for me to be in some of the shots with my husband and kids.  Now want to save up to purchase the tools Brooke suggests.  )

4. Life After Cheese - One Photographer's Approach to Natural Photography by Mary Jane Photography.  Mary Jane explains how to how she gets the people in her photos look comfortable and natural.  You might be surprised at what she has to say.

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