Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 4 in Sunny California and Utah

When the CONFIDENCE Workshop ended, Jennifer Laurich (a workshop attendee) was so nice and gave me a ride to Irvine.  On the way, I told Jennifer that one thing that I promised myself that I would do while in California was to touch the ocean.  It was about 7:30pm and she pulled over at Huntington Beach to call her husband.  I jogged down to the shoreline.  Right when I touched the water, a wave came in and got my gray boots all wet!  I stood there for just a couple of minutes, soaking in the ocean scene that night.  It was awesome.  I  can't wait to go back!

                                                                                                         Ty, Jeff, Grant, Jean, Lisa, Jon

My cousin, Jeff and his wife, Ali live in Irvine with their two sons, Evan and Ty.  It was fun to visit with them for a couple of hours.  Uncle Grant and Aunt Jean were there too with my cousin, Jon.  And I did see my cousin, Michelle and her two boys, Kaleb and Kole for a few minutes.  Ali warmed up some yummy dinner.  It was nice to see them and catch up a bit.  Uncle Grant and Aunt Jean gave me a ride to my hotel.  I stayed up longer than I should have that night.  I was all wound up from all the excitement of the weekend.  Good thing I set my alarm clock that night because the front desk forgot to call me.  Hotel Current offers free rides to the Long Beach airport.  I took advantage of that.  My flight was delayed for an hour and a half.  So I just called up my family and texted some friends while I waited.

CA coast

The mid morning flight back to Utah was quite pleasant.  
I didn't hear any screaming kids.  It's nice to not have to worry about anyone else for a few days.  
I just sit back, sipped some Sprite, and munched on those yummy mini chocolate chip cookies.
And my most favorite thing of all is having a window seat.
It's amazing to me how beautiful this earth is... especially when you can see so much of it at one time.
I wanted to jump out of the plane when we were over Las Vegas.  
My sister, Jenny had her baby, Emma on March 20th. I wanted to see Jenny and meet Emma so bad.  
The most beautiful scenery I saw was when we flew into Salt Lake Valley.  
The majestic mountains surrounding the great Salt Lake was just breathtaking.
So then why do I not have any pictures of that beautiful sight?!
#1- It was way too turbulent to hold my iPhone still.
And #2 - I was too busy barfing in the barf bag.  I literally tossed my cookies!

I got home close to 3pm.  Sam and Brian were especially glad to have me home.
Tyler acted as though he didn't miss me.  He'd been having too much fun with his friend, Jack.
And poor Katie.  I got her up when she woke up from her nap.
She was mad at me for leaving her and kind of growled at me.
Eventually, she forgave me... probably when she realized I was home for good.

  It was so fun for me to just spend a long weekend doing something I had been anticipating for 6 months. Sam is so awesome for taking 2 days off of work to take care of the kids.
I sure do love my family!

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