Friday, May 13, 2011


These two pictures were taken last night within seconds of each other.  I took the first picture and realized that I should have metered for the sky (to make the sky look as dark blue as it truly was at the time.)

Before metering:
See the BIG difference metering makes?!  
***Both of these pictures are SOOC (straight out of camera... no editing.)

After metering:

Then I walked around to my front porch and took these pictures.  Again, I learned that I had to meter for the sky so that the sky will show it's true colors.  ***All these pictures are SOOC too.

Before metering:                                                                          After metering:

These sunset tree silhouette shots make me want to go try some silhouette shots with people in them!

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Jared and Valerie Ball said...

LOVE the pictures! You do such a good job!