Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lifestyle: Telling The Story - Week 2

Week 2 Assignment

Part One: Point of View

I want you to shoot something/someone you love to photograph and take your best shot.
Now… look at that shot good and hard.  Now, I want you to create 20 more images from a different Point of View.  Come in super close, shoot with different lenses, lie down on the ground and shoot up, get an aerial perspective, shoot through something for framing, as many perspectives as you can find etc. etc.  Take at least twenty shots.
When you are through with this exercise look at the images in comparison with your first shot.  Are any of the other perspectives stronger?  Do any of them tell a different story or different part of the story?
Please post your first shot (the initial reaction shot) and your 3 additional favorite perspectives.

Part Two: Less is More

This will be an exercise in reduction.  I want you to photograph a scene (with or without people).  Now break that scene down into as many smaller scenes as possible.  Take at least twenty shots. Keep reducing until you can’t reduce any further.
How does the collection of the individual images communicate differently than the first initial shot?
Please post your first shot of the scene and 3 additional shots from the reduction exercise.  (Telling the Story in three images… as described in the Less is More tutorial).

This was a tough week for me.  I watched the tutorials twice and tried my best.  I for sure need more practice in more fully executing these concepts.

 Part 1:  Point of View
ISO:400 | 1/200 sec. | f/6.3 | 18-55mm
* Brooke's Review: A pull back shot of someihing that you love. You've been able to really peel apart this playground to give us a new point of view.

ISO: 400 | 1/160 sec.| f/6.3 | 18-55mm
* Brooke's Review:  You used depth of field well and have captured an angle that a child may see right has they are getting ready to sit down on the slide.

ISO: 400 | 1 200 sec. | f/6.3 | 18-55mm
* Brooke's Review:  Nice abstract photo.  Great sense of color and depth of field.  The lighting is really nice and we just see a little bit of the playground.  It works really well to feature the subject in the upper third of the frame. 

ISO: 400 | 1/200 sec. | f/6.3 | 18-55mm
*Brooke's Review:  The rope travels down from corner to corner.  I feel the image could be stronger if you focused more on the round black plastic piece in the corner rather than the middle of the rope - that way the rope can serve as a stronger leading line and will have a stronger pull towards the round black piece.

Part 2: Less is More
ISO: 400 | 1/25 sec. | f/3.5 | 18-55mm
*Brooke's Review:  Cute room!  This a great pull back shot that shows off the setting. 

ISO: 400 | 1/4 sec. | f/5.6 | 18-55mm
*Brooke's Review: Great use of depth of field.

ISO: 400 | 1/80 sec. | f/5.6 | 18-55mm
* Brooke's Review:  Push the purple fabric piece out of the way so it does not distract the viewer from the awesome texture of the basket.

ISO: 400 | 1/25 sec. | f/5.6 | 18-55mm
* Brooke's Review:  Love this shot.  This is great hidden perspective you're shooting from.  The light coming in from the window is just lovely.

The difference between detail shots and less is more:  Detail shots- we only shoot one type of subject and
Less is more can have more than one subject in the image.  The less is more principle derives from the idea that we shouldn't have anything in the photo that doesn't help to tell the story and also that we can tell littler stories by sometimes peeling things away.   Detail shots are a subunit of less is more shots... as much peeled away as you can possible get.  Less is more is finding sub scene from a larger context.


Lisa said...

I feel that these shots ended up more like detail shots than the concepts we were suppose to capture. I'll have to try this homework assignment again sometime.

Jody Savage said...

well i think your great - i think you nailed less is more by giving great detail - maybe i'm wrong but i think detail shots are the same as less is more...?

Jenn said...

Cool shots Lisa! I love that slide shot and the idea of how you framed the lamp. I think this sort of assignment is harder when there aren't people in the images. At least it is for me! Great job!

DoubleTake2 said...

What a great view you have from your backyard as well as having a fun yard for kids! I'm with you in feeling the need to practice the concepts more. Ideally, I would do the weekly assignment daily and then just pick a set to post but life hasn't worked that way. I know I would incorporate the principles more thoroughly though.

Your nursery shots are gorgeous. How meaningful it will be to have these in the years to come. I love the doorknob detail and your vantage point looking down on it. Another favorite is the framed nursery lamp---great perspective!

CorinneHamilton said...

I think your shots are great - it's funny how we are our own worst critics isn't it? I am working to overcome that as well!
Good Job!

ajira said...

Love the last shot. Wish the purple ribbon wasn't there in the second last shot. Great job!

Janette said...

I like this photo because it is from the vantage point of maybe a child playing hide and seek. Good job.