Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Words of Wisdom

"I can do hard things."

"Change is good."

"I've got the power."

"When your choices are in alignment with your vision, your values, and your soul’s purpose, they contribute to your power.
The more that you bring your choices into alignment with your values and your soul, the more power you will have." -- Hiro Boga
“Doubt is a signal of the creative process. It is a signal that you are doing something right–not that you are doing something wrong or crazy or stupid. The sickening chasm of fear that doubt triggers to yawn… is not a huge abyss into which you are going to tumble, spiraling downward like you are falling through the circles of hell. No, doubt is most often a signal you are doing something and doing it right.”

-Julia Cameron

"Life is hard, but life is simple. Get on the path and never, ever give up. You never give up. You just keep on going. You don't quit, and you will make it. There is only one way to happiness and fullfillment. Jesus Christ is the Way. Every other way, any other way, whatever other way is foolishness."

- Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge

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