Monday, March 7, 2011

My Favorite Photo Tips from Me Ra Koh's website

1. Blur the Background with the Right Camera Settings: (taken from The Nate Berkus Show website)
a. Point-and-Shoot: If you are using a Point-and-Shoot, set your camera to the shooting mode where there is a woman’s head (Portrait mode). This will automatically change your camera settings so that when you focus on your subjects, the background will blur behind them.
b. DSLR: With a DSLR, you get more freedom in manipulating your camera settings. Set your camera in A mode (or Aperture Priority/AV mode), and roll your dial until you get the lowest f-stop your lens can give. The lower your f-stop the more buttery, blurred your background is. I love buttery, blurry backgrounds because it puts all our attention on the subjects. It’s especially helpful when you are shooting in a kitchen. With a blurred background, it doesn’t matter if there is a stove and fridge behind your family, like the Chromolux family photo that you saw on the show!

2. Black and White or Color?
Nowadays: I love how black and white draws attention to the emotion or a single expression.  Everything else in the world fades away, and all we see is that little guy’s eyes.

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