Saturday, January 15, 2011

Look Thinner in Pictures!

Thanks to Me Ra Koh and The Nate Berkus Show, I now know some tips I can utilize in my own photography in how to make people look thinner in pictures.  Here are the tips taken directly from The Nate Berkus Show website:

Get secret tips on how to look thinner in photographs from professional photographer Me Ra Koh.

They say the camera adds 10 pounds so who doesn't want some secret tips from a professional photographer on how to look thinner in pictures? Me Ra Koh was on The Nate Show to show Nate and the entire studio audience some great tricks to posing for pictures.
1. Scooch the bum. If you are seated for the photo, don't sit back and cross your legs. That's a sure fire way to have your thighs front and center while your head seems oddly small. Instead, scooch up to the edge of the seat and lean in to the picture.
2. Angle your shoulders. To give your body perspective when standing, angle your shoulders.  Put your weight on your forward foot, and engage with the camera by leaning a little forward. You'll naturally elongate your neck avoiding those unfortunate double chin pictures.
3. Get a little bossy! Make sure the person taking the picture gets some height. Don't let them shoot you on an even angle. Get them up on a curb or a step to give a bit of a downward angle on the shot. It's your picture after all, make sure you look your best.
4.  Lean In.  If your having a family photo taken, have everyone stand at an angle, and then lean into each other.  Exaggerate the leaning which will feel odd but show warmth in your photo.  The more you lean in to the person beside you, the warmer and leaner you look!
5.  Avoid busy patterns.  If you know you are going to have your picture taken, avoid busy patterns like plaids, stripes and logos.  They tend to make your body shape look boxy.  Instead, wear solid colors.  Most of all, wear what you feel most beautiful in; it will show in the photo!
6.  Avoid the same colors.  If you are having a family photo done, mix up your colors and you will look smaller in size.  For example, if you are all wearing white, it’s hard to tell where you end and the kids begin. (not what you want.)
Nate posed with an audience member to put Me Ra’s tips to the test. Check out their before picture:

And then this one, after they learned Me Ra’s ways to look thinner in pictures:

Me Ra Koh loves cameras, kids and parents, and spends her life bringing them together.  Her work and Photo-Recipes have been featured on national television several times, including the The Oprah Winfrey Show.  You will also be seeing Me Ra on The Nate Berkus Show this season!  You can talk to Me Ra on her blog at

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