Thursday, May 28, 2009

Focal Point & Picasa 3

In most color photographs, there are tons of colors competing for your attention. A picture with good composition helps the eye to know what the focal point is. I know that the photograph below is not edited well at all, but I can still get my point across. Can you guess what the focal point is in this photograph?

It's kind of hard to tell. If you guessed that the baby boy's eyes are the focal point, you are right. See how much easier it is to tell that his eyes are the focal point in the photograph below? Why is it easier to tell what the focal point is?

It's easier to tell that the eyes are the focal point for a couple reasons. Obviously, some photo editing was done. First off, the eyes are what's sharpest in the photograph. Secondly, the monochromatic color scheme makes it easier to focus on the baby's eyes.

*** F.Y.I. -> I used a free photo editing program called Picasa 3 to edit these photos. Give it a try. Click here to download. Trust me, it's quick and easy to use to give your photos a boost.

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