Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WWYD (What Would You Do)?

I took these photos with my Canon SLR film camera in July 2007. No photo editing was cropping, no nothin'. Which photo is your favorite? What would you do to improve that image?


Anonymous said...

The 4th picture is my favourite.And i don`t think it need`s any kind of photoshop involvement.
Great blog btw, keep up the good work!!

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Maren said...

Great job! You could try a vignette on the 5th one. I tend to like the vingette look. Keep having fun! I sure do enjoy your blog.

Danamom O' Fun said...

I think sometimes people get carried away cropping and whatnot. The picture by the railing and the feet in the stroller are my favorites. I think they look perfect as is.

rachel said...

I love the bubble blowing one. You are awesome! I feel like I am really there.