Saturday, October 25, 2008

Clarke Family

It was snowing the morning of the shoot. I wasn't sure if the Clarke family would still want to follow through with our plans that afternoon. It was wet and cloudy that afternoon (cloudy weather is perfect for picture taking). The Clarkes were such good sports to brave the cold weather just for pictures. The kids were so good and I think I did pretty well for my quickest photo shoot ever. I took as many photos as I could in 40 minutes. Here are some of my favorites. I did some basic editing and I sure hope that the Clarkes like these. Enjoy!

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jason and michelle clarke said...

Thank you Lisa, we appreciate you taking our pictures! I commented on your other blog so I'll just say again, I/we like the pictures. I have a few favorites. Both black & white ones and the one of Ashlyn. We like the other two as well.